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The entertainment of SynapticTV: small games, wallpapers and various projects that I've done.

Visit each sections to find the complete collection, this page contains only a small selection of productions.

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Toxic, a new beer that causes mayhem everywhere... zombifications, murders and a planetary war...

2006   |   Running time: 00:01:15   |   Score: 8
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Typical Halloween nights
On Halloween nights, everything can happen. Scary, fun, mysterious, sexy with some tips to survive. Watch it.
2005   |   Running time: 00:03:50   |   Score: 6
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From Japan
Pictures, videos and scans taken in Japan.
2004   |   Running time: N.A.   |   Score: 8
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A travel log, a vidblog or a weird reality show? It's a video about Japan, my really fun trip to Japan.
2004   |   Running time: 00:45:00   |   Score: 8
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Stadium explosion
The destruction of the olympic stadium in Montreal.
2003   |   Running time: 215 k   |   Score: 6
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Apocalyptic portrait of Montreal's botanical garden.
2003   |   Running time: 252 k   |   Score: 7
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Countdown to doom
The countdown to doom has begun! Not real doom, just Doom 3. Done for filmfights.com
2003   |   Running time: 00:01:33   |   Score: 5
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Countdown to doom
Someone wakes up with a cortex bomb in his head and the countdown to down has begun. But is it reality or video.
2003   |   Running time: 00:05:33   |   Score: 5
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Strange delivery
An absurd and extremely explosive production. Uncover the mystery while watching apocalyptic explosions.
2003   |   Running time: 00:07:38   |   Score: 4
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It smells burned Kraft Dinner
A terminator is sent on earth by god to eliminate two brothers. An intense action movie, made by primary school students.
2003   |   Running time: 01:20:05   |   Score: 6
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Sleeping Beauty
The classic story of Sleeping Beauty but with an annoying prince... and made with dolls. Hello CHAOS!
2005   |   Running time: 00:04:37   |   Score: 6
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Jules Saulnier's website. An enormous amount of original short films available there.
2004   |   Running time: N.A.   |   Score: 9
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Tokyo at night
Shibuya district in Tokyo. Picture taken from the Hachiko entrance for the Shibuya JR station.
2003   |   Running time: 214 k   |   Score: 7
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Minimalist wallpaper for black desktop lovers AND LENS FLARES!
2003   |   Running time: 176 k   |   Score: 7
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The centurion
What is a centurion? Find out what it is and play online on a small flash application that even throws mini-games at you if you want.
2003   |   Running time: 100 k   |   Score: 7
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Toilets in Japan
The wonderful world of toilets in Japan. Never toilets have been more fun.
2003   |   Running time: 00:03:09   |   Score: 5
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Danger poodle
When two dumb kidnappers forget the "bloopers" on their ransom cassette, you can expect a classic. Trash.
2003   |   Running time: 00:08:07   |   Score: 4
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If I had a shark
Stop-motion animation comedy thriller. Made with Legos, packed with action, gore, special effects and laughs.
2003   |   Running time: 00:29:00   |   Score: 4
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